Why Join Dynamic Harps?

Dynamic Harps in France! 

There are so many benefits to playing and studying in an ensemble.

IMG_16_29There are the obvious benefits; such as trying out new music, improving sight-reading, meeting like-minded people and gaining performance experience. And then perhaps the more hidden gems; as a fledgling harpist you can be inspired to be like advanced players, this encouraged me to practice more. As a more fluent player there is the joy of sharing ideas and assisting beginners.

IMG_4209The safety of learning together in a friendly environment in invaluable-particularly when playing music that stretches you as when you are part of an ensemble the music doesn’t stop if you lose your place, so we quickly learnt to pick up and carry on, another great skill.

Harps -8882Perhaps most importantly of all you make wonderful supportive harp friends in the ensemble that you share your passion and enthusiasm for the instrument with.