What is Dynamic Harps?

IMG_16_29In 2013 the Dynamic harps ensembles launched, it is a community based ensemble based in Cardiff, Wales, where the harp is the National Instrument.  The membership ranges from harp novices to students of a grade 7 level, with children through to post retirement performing together in the group.

This supportive and dedicated group of fellow harp enthusiasts meet weekly to play a diverse range of musical genres together; traditional, classical, pop, rock, show tunes, film music, Jazz and more. Songs are requested by the members and arranged by their director Harpist Shelley Fairplay for the students to perform.

We have so far enjoyed many amazing terms together playing music from a vast array of genres, rehearsing and working together on our ensemble and general harp playing skills.

IMG_5349The student harp ensemble is a harp ensemble with a twist who focus on show, pop, film and jazz tunes. This is for secondary school age harp students at grade three level In and above. They meet on a Tuesday night 6.45 – 8.30pm in Radyr.



IMG_5384The adult harp ensemble is an evening class for adult learners working on repertoire from traditional, classical, world and modern genres. They meet on a Monday night 6.45 – 8.30pm in Radyr.




In September 2017 a brand new ensemble, Junior Dynamic Harps will launch aimed at students aged 9 and above of any level, predominantly aimed at grade 0 to 3 level harpists.

A note from Shelley Fairplay:

shelley with gold harp

“I have a harp obsession! Anything to do with the harp from playing, teaching, listening to, learning about, arranging and composing for, playing in ensembles and playing in orchestras. I really love it all! When I stop to think about where this drive, passion and enthusiasm stems from I am sure I can attribute most of it to this: for nearly 10 years I totally delighted in being part of a harp ensemble when I was a fledgling student. I wanted to create the opportunity for others to have the same experience my wonderful first harp teacher Aldyth Smith had given to me, and so I created Dynamic Harps!”