Hello and Welcome to our new Website!

Blog post written by Alys, Student Dynamic Harps Member (July 2016)
Welcome to the new website for Dynamic Harps ! My name is Alys, and I’m a member or the Student Dynamic Harps Ensemble.
Recently I helped Shelley make this website, alongside Caitlyn, another member . I learnt about how important the appearance of a website is, as well learning how easy it is to make a website.
As research we looked at other websites. Through doing this we gained ideas of the types of pages we would need, what sort of colours we should use and how many pictures we should use. Whilst doing this I learnt the important of appearance, and how the appearance of a website can affect how many people will look at the website and join the

IMG_5508As we started the website, I had to learn how to use WordPress, a website that makes websites. At first I found it really confusing, but I soon got used to it. The first thing we did was choose a colour and a picture for the first page. Next we wrote the headings, so that we could make the different pages later. We then began to write the information on each different page, and emailing different members of the ensemble for pictures and biographies. It was really interesting learning what all the different members enjoyed about the ensemble.

Next, we had to put all of the pictures into the website. First we had to upload all of the pictures to Dropbox, before we could put them onto different pages of the website. I found this a little bit boring because it was really repetitive, but I know that it was a really important part of the website. We also had to add videos onto one of the pages, so that people could see us playing. I found this quite hard because I had never done it before, and it wasn’t as straightforward as moving the pictures.
I found making the website really enjoyable, although I found some parts harder than others. I have learnt that making a website is easier than it sounds, and that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to make a good website.

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