Our membership is usually between 20 – 25 harpists, here is a selection of short biographies from some of our wonderful members.

Adult / Student Dynamic Harps Members


I have been a member of Dynamic Harps for two years. I have made loads of friends through our weekly sessions, and I love having a chat over biscuits at break. My favourite piece to date is definitely Defying Gravity!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 18.24.41Alys

My sister and I started playing the harp 3 years ago. We love playing together and play lots of duets. Dynamic harps has helped me learn lots of new music and make great friends.




I’m currently the youngest member of the group (2016) and I’ve been playing harp for about 5 years. I love playing with Dynamic Harps, it’s like having a fabulous bunch of big sisters. It’s great playing so many different styles of music and my favourite piece so far has been Defying Gravity.


I’ve been playing the harp for 9 years, and I’m an original member of the ensemble. I love performing all of the pieces that are requested by the members, as we get to perform a range of styles not always traditional to the harp. My favourite piece is the Pirates of the Caribbean Medley!





I’m Frances. It’s great to be a part of the Dynamic Harps ensemble and I enjoy the varied music which we play, from classical to traditional and show music. Shelley is always challenging us to do new things!


Six years ago, I fulfilled a lifelong wish of mine and took up the Harp when I retired. I have made many new friends since joining Dynamic Harps and look forward to our weekly practice sessions. The highlight of my year must be to have the honor of being part of the Dynamic Harp Ensemble performing at the Camac International Harp Festival in Ancenis France.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 19.09.27Gwenda

My name is Gwenda. I’ve always loved the sound of the harp, and was fortunate enough to have been given one as a Christmas present four years ago. Dynamic Harps has given me some wonderful opportunities, and because of this involvement, have gone on to be part in forming a smaller ensemble called Harping On.

Gwenllian (aka Emily)emily

My name is Gwenllian and I’ve been learning to play the harp as an adult since 2004. I am known to my Dynamic Harp friends as the harp rock chick with the colourful hair. I have been with Dynamic Harps since the beginning which began on my birthday in September 2013 and have enjoyed every minute.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 18.24.50Mali

I started playing the harp at the age of 9. I play the piano too, but the harp is my first love. I love being a part of Dynamic harps, and I have made loads of friends.





My name is Nicky and I have been learning the harp for nearly 3years. I particularly like playing jazz and blues. I am honoured to be part of Dynamic harps where I can work with others to make an amazing sound.



Siân IMG_3536 (1)

I took up the harp just over 4 years ago after wandering past Telynau Vining’s shop. I was lured in by the stunning looking instruments in the window display. I had a 1 hour trial lesson and I have been hooked ever since. Dynamic harps are a wonderful group to belong to, and I particularly enjoy our summer and Christmas concerts.